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Breaking Up with Old Clothes is Hard To Do

Random ramblings of de-cluttering randomness.

So this morning I was way over this way and stuck in traffic and Wubbles was way over that way and staring glumly at a pile of sweaters that was taller than her head, and we were conferencing via cell phone about how the sweaters feelings could not possibly be hurt by what she was doing. The forlorn crying to be let back in had to be the cat on her fire escape and not the shirts and knits that were now in the "No" and "Maybe" pile.

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Doctor Who Torchwood Tardis

Doctor Who and Torchwood Fic Rec Discussion - Media West

The idea for a fic rec panel came about two years ago when [ Wraithfodder ] did an awesome one for Stargate Atlantis. It was like a Fanfic Nato Summit with laptops and everything as people called out and culled from their favorite lists and others pulled up the url's as they went.

Well, a few of us did a 2.0 version last year, creating a [ Supernatural Fic Rec List for Media West 2008 ] panel. Which was a ton of fun.

So this year we expanded the different panels to include one for Doctor Who & Torchwood as well as Supernatural 2009.

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The Reader Wants to Buy the Car! (A Writer's Pep Talk)

All right, I'm done editing a huge couple of 400 page projects (see the anthology zine "Brotherhood 7" and the Supernatural zine "Brotherhood 8", see [ Pyramids Press ], see trade paperbacks that ate my life for the past several months, see I'm way too addicted to caffeine now) and I was actually crunching down and writing again.

Okay, I was actually more like thinking about crunching down and writing again and failing miserably.

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Show, Don't Tell – But What Does That Really Mean?

I was thinking about how I've heard "Show, Don't Tell" as a mantra for writers over and over again, and yet it comes through as white noise somehow for me. What does SHOW mean? I know I'm supposed to do it. But how?

I want to write. I have stories pounding in my head constantly to get out. But I don't know if I'm telling or showing or if I'm even labeling stuff right.

Which made me think about the whole labeling thing. Which made me think maybe one way to go is to take the labels off.

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Kitchen Sink Reflections - Conquer the Clutter!

While I was in the airport last month I stood in one of the little bookstores clutching my coffee in one hand and reading a book with the other while I waited for my flight to be called. One of the books I went through was [ "Kitchen Sink Reflections" by Marla Cilley ]. The book had some nice information and I ended up taking out my journal and making some notes from it on staying motivated and organized.

Today I just rediscovered them while clearing out that notebook and thought I would post them here.

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Jensen Ackles - Ten Inch Hero Screening & Music Video

Wow, when it rains it pours. At this rate I hope the deluge continues.

Just found out that Jensen's movie (another non-horror one, yay!) is airing here in LA too for a screening. I have been dying to see Ten Inch Hero ever since a friend of mine saw it an raved about how reallly good it is. She says it's like Mystic Pizza meets Sixteen Candles and it was filmed both in Long Beach and Santa Cruz, CA where we know a lot of the locations.

[Brate] sent me a note that Betsy Morris (the writer behind Jensen's movie "Ten Inch Hero") is going to have a screening of "Ten Inch Hero" in Los Angeles on Monday November 24 at 7:30 pm. Her post is up on [blogger]

Regent Showcase Theater
614 N. La Brea Avenue (at Melrose)
Los Angeles, California 90036

Cost is $10 at the door.
Free street parking starting at 7 pm.

"So, if you're coming to CA for Thanksgiving break, this is your chance to see the film on the big, big screen! Please spread the word--we know it's short notice and we'd like to get the word out to as many people as possible! Thanks, and we'll see you in the theater! --Betsy"

Also, there's a really nice music video that's just been posted by Betsy which was created by Nisha up on You Tube that gives a good sense of Jensen and the other characters in the movie without actually showing too many spoilers.

[ Ten Inch Hero Music Video ] by Nisha

PS I have no Jensen in Ten Inch Hero icons. Now that's just wrong somehow.

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Tickets for Limited Screening of Jared's Movie Christmas Cottage

If you live in the Southern California area, there is an exclusive screening of Jared Padalecki's "Christmas Cottage" (the Thomas Kinkade story) that is happening this Thursday (November 13th) at the Irvine Spectrum Edwards Cinema in Irvine, California (just south of Los Angeles in Orange County).

The event is being sponsored by the Village Gallery, a Thomas Kinkade art gallery, and will take place at 7:30 pm on Thursday, November 13th.

Tickets are FREE to anyone but extremely limited, so I thought I'd put the word out in case anyone is in the area and would like to get tickets and attend.

In order to obtain a ticket, you need to contact the Village Gallery at 1-800-546-5233 or go to it in the Main Place Mall in Santa Ana, California. No one will be admitted without a ticket.

Main Place Mall Address:

Village Gallery (at Main Place Mall)
2800 North Main Street
Suite #184-188
(main level, center court)
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 543-9889

I don't know if other Thomas Kinkade art gallery's are doing something similar, but the chance to see Jared on the big screen in something other than in a horror movie is terrific. Jared is not scheduled to be there, but still this is a nice chance to see the movie and support his career.

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How to Show the Cracks in a Character

When a character has issues, show them making bad decisions.

Hint at how they're messed up by having them make bad personal choices deliberately.

They pick things that are not good for them, that are not nice, that hide the fact that they are lonely, or need people, or want an emotional connection. They sleep with the wrong people, or are rude, or are dangerous with their lives, or deliberately take a step back and look away and not join in with the others.

The reader should want something more for them. Hint that the character wants it too. But don't give it to us--at least not in the beginning. Build to the comfort, to allowing themselves to reach out.