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12 November 2007 @ 11:58 pm
Writing Stick Figures Is Okay  
I was talking with a friend about how writing stories can be frustrating because you have this image in your head and yet all that is coming out on the paper is stick figures. But then we discussed how if you feel like you're writing awkwardly or stiltedly you shouldn't let that stop you from getting it down on paper. Get the story done!

Why? Because the reader doesn't know that you didn't intend to draw it that way. That the cute little awkward stick figure drawing that you wrote with your words isn't the wonderful rich tapestry painting in your head.

It's why someone can truly like your story even when you're not satisfied with it. Because they're interacting with those stick figure words and letting them imply things. The reader's mind is on your side. It will try to help you by filling in spots if you just give it something to work with.

And, it's maybe, possibly, perhaps, potentially, okay if the writing comes out as stick figures sometimes instead of as the wonderful oil painting.

PS Then again, we also talked about how a really good beta reader can help make editing suggestions to refine the stick figures from awkward to at least charmingly awkward.