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02 October 2007 @ 08:06 pm
Fanfic Inspiration Is Everywhere, Or How Fanfic Ate The News  
Then in the news this morning...

>>MOSCOW (Oct. 1) - When Sputnik took off 50 years ago, the world gazed at the heavens in awe and apprehension, watching what seemed like the unveiling of a sustained Soviet effort to conquer space and score a stunning Cold War triumph.

But 50 years later, it emerges that the momentous launch was far from being part of a well-planned strategy to demonstrate communist superiority over the West. Instead, the first artificial satellite in space was a spur-of-the-moment gamble driven by the dream of one scientist, whose team scrounged a rocket, slapped together a satellite and persuaded a dubious Kremlin to open the space age. <<

C'mon tell me that doesn't that sound just like Rodney and Zalenka from Stargate Atlantis getting their way!

"Each of these first rockets was like a beloved woman for us," he said. "We were in love with every rocket, we desperately wanted it to blast off successfully. We would give our hearts and souls to see it flying."

Yep, I'm telling you, you could steal this for Zalenka right there. Fanfic inspiration is everywhere.

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