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18 October 2006 @ 01:16 am
Wendigo - Thoughts For Fic  
Because I like to make lists about Supernatural...

6 Things You Already Know About 'Wendigo'

1. According to Sam, Jess always said roses were lame, so Sam brings a bouquet of mixed flowers to her grave instead.

2. Dad's coordinates (found in his journal in the Pilot) are 35-111 and lead them to Black Water Ridge.

Because We're All Obsessed – I did find a [Converter] - that will make any address into coordinates or vice versa any coordinates into a physical address. However, when I tried Dad's 35-111 coordinates keeps pointing me to a fairly deserted region in the Gray Mountains in Arizona. Can anyone confirm or amend this?

3. Sam has been having nightmares the whole time since the fire and not sleeping much at all.

4. It is speculated that what is prowling in the woods could be a Skin Walker or Black Dog before Sam and Dean realize it's a Wendigo. Wendigo's are nearly perfect hunters. They are usually found in the woods of Minnesota or up in Northern Michigan so it's unusual to see one this far west. Guns and knives are useless against them. It's fire or nothing. They like to keep their prey alive for days and maybe even weeks for the later eating. They are way scary. As confirmed by the fact that both Sam and Dean are unnerved when they realize that's what they're confronting.

5. Dean's idea of bringing camping provisions is a jumbo bag of peanut M&M's. He also uses them to leave a trail (a la E.T.) later to help Sam find him. (He and Sam also seem to think biker boots, sneakers, and blue jeans will work fine as camping gear. )

6. The laptop Dean and Sam uses is a Dell.

Because We're All Obsessed – Based on the configuration and the location of the fan vents the Sam and Dean's laptop is the Dell Inspirion E1505 model. Specs for the [Dell Inspirion] can be found at the Dell website.

5 Thoughts for Supernatural Fic

Thought 1. Sam and Dean hung around Palo Alto for a week looking into Jess' murder before leaving.

Why You Might Want To Think About This – While there did Dean meet anyone from Sam's Stanford life? Any of Sam's friends who might have come by to give condolences? What did Dean think of them? And, perhaps more interestingly, what did they think of Dean--Sam's protective older brother? I'm just asking. Particularly since Sam is still in contact with these people via his PDA (see the episode Skin).

Thought 2. According to Sam, Dean has never once in his entire life freely offered to let Sam drive the Impala.

Why You Might Want To Think About This – Was this because back before Sam went away to college the Impala was Dad's car and so Dean wasn't about to give up the rare chance to drive it to his little brother?

Why You Might Want To Think About This Some More – Although, if you really consider it, Sam's statement does not mean that Sam never drove the Impala, right? He states merely that Dean never "offered" to let him drive. Dad could have offered (and probably did in order to teach Sam how to drive) and there were probably times of emergency when it was necessary. I also suspect that Sam and Dean both probably learned how to drive way earlier than is most likely legal due to the importance of that skill in an emergency when Dad might be wounded or otherwise not available.

Thought 3. Jessica Lee Moore was born Jan 24, 1984 and died November 2, 2005. The same date (though not the same year) that Sam's mother died. In [Dad's Journal] he mentions Mary's funeral was November 6th, 1983.

Why You Might Want To Think About This – Did little Sam and Dean attend Mary's funeral with Dad? Considering John specifically states in the journal that he has not let the boys out of his sight since the fire, you could speculate that they were. What impression must that have made on them, or at least on Dean who might actually remember that day? And, for Sam, was Jess' funeral on that same date as well drawing out the horrible parallel?

Thought 4. When confronted by Sam, Dean admits he doesn't think Dad was ever here in Black Water Ridge despite sending them the coordinates.

Why You Might Want To Think About This – How early on did Dean figure this out? And why didn't he say anything before now? Is it because it gave Sam a purpose? Or because Dean figured Dad must have had a good reason and it's the last order he gave to Dean so he will honor it?

Why You Might Want To Think About This Some More – If it wasn't to tell them where he would be, then why did Dad send them after the Wendigo? Is it because of the Wendigo itself or is it because it's half way across the country and far, far away from the big nasty bad demon that Dad is currently hunting/being chased by (as stated by him in Salvation)?

Why Your Brain Might Hurt By The Time You Finish Thinking About This – When Dad wrote the coordinates in his journal, Sam was safe in Stanford. A hidden needle, far from Dad and whatever he was pouring salt on the floor and scattering cat's eye shells against. Or so Dad believed.

Why This May Lead To Twisty Evil Thoughts - Did Dad write the coordinates in the journal to get Dean far away from him to keep Dean safe, since he already thought Sam was safe?

After all the note is addressed specifically to Dean ("Dean 35-111") and Dean, we presume, was leaving some worried messages for those three weeks saying "where are you" and "what's happened" and so John Winchester had to know his son would come after him and walk right into things.

And if Dad did initially only intend the message for Dean, what did he think when he found out Sam was no longer safely hidden at Stanford and with Dean? And then, what did he further think, when he got the next call about Sam nearly dying in the fire and Jess being killed by The Demon? Which not only confirms that The Demon is actively hunting his family again, but that nowhere are his children going to be safe (not even hidden away as a needle in a haystack). And is this then what cements Dad's decision not to contact them again no matter what? Or was it something else that had him making that decision before this moment?

(See, told ya your brain would hurt by the time we got to the end of this one.)

Thought 5. Dean declares he hates camping and Sam agrees.

Why You Might Want To Think About This – A small statement, isn't it? Until you think about the fact that probably never once in Sam and Dean's childhood did camping probably mean hot dogs, marshmallows, and fishing. Camping probably always meant scary things screaming in the dark with no cover, nothing but woods and fangs.

Extra Cookie For Dean – Despite him declaring Sam and his temper "is like a powder keg" ready to go off, Dean doesn't otherwise rise to the bait. Even as Sam verbally strikes out at Dean about Dad not being here. Dean gets why Sam is acting this way and doesn't take it personally, instead he is even able to logically put into words how to emotionally deal with that anger and the big ball of grief in order to help Sam. (This from the guy who doesn't like to consider emotions 99% of the time.) This information also allows us to play inside Dean's head (we always like playing in there!) giving us insight into how Dean has dealt all his life with the fact that his mother was murdered and his home and any sense of security totally taken away – "Our family's so screwed to hell, maybe we can help some others. Makes things a little bit more bearable. And I tell you what else helps. Killing as many evil sons-of-b... as I possibly can."

Dean & Sam Sleep Tally-

-Dean's bed is closest to the hotel door. This is only implied in this episode but can, perhaps, be inferred by the location of Dean on the bed during the laptop research scene, as he most likely would sit on his own bed rather than Sam's.

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Bratebrate7 on October 25th, 2006 01:30 am (UTC)
You make my brain hurt... but in a good way.

As for the 35-111 coordinates, I do recall a discussion about this when it aired. I think it was on the TWoP forum, way before it was a TWoP show. Apparently, the geography of S&D's world doesn't necessarily match our own (along with their time).
myfieldnotesmyfieldnotes on October 27th, 2006 06:05 am (UTC)
Glad to um...make your brain hurt ;D. You know me. I think too much, and then I share.

Thanks for the heads up on the coordinates. I'd wondered about that. I'll pull the reference from Television Without Pity that you e-mailed me.

PS Great LJ icon. Did you make it? It's wonderful.
Bratebrate7 on October 29th, 2006 12:07 am (UTC)
No, not my icon work. I barely can work my LJ, let alone make an icon. I snagged it from oxoniensis.

Hope you find the link useful.
penfold_x: grinpenfold_x on October 28th, 2006 07:54 pm (UTC)
Have I mentioned how much I like the "extra cookie" feature?? :)