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17 October 2006 @ 11:02 pm
Why I Got The Extra Cookie  

So I was thinking about cookies while I was reading.

Mind you I don't currently HAVE any cookies.

And so, hence, more with the thinking, and not so much with the snacking.

But cookies, I say. Nice. Round. Perfect. Just from the oven. Chocolate chip cookies.

The kind that are wonderfully golden, with just the teeniest, tiniest, tang of salty before you hit the deep, melting brown, sugaryness, and rich morsely goodness, of chocolate. You know the ones.

And I was doing this cookie thinking while reading this really great book about writing which I just got for my birthday.  (If you knew me, you'd get how ironically funny it is that I got [This Book] that is nothing but personality quizzes to help analyze characters and figure out the way they do stuff.)

Anyway, on a random page, in a random section, the book stated at one point that if you want to help figure out how to express things better for different characters run them mentally all through the same scenario and see how each of them might react differently.

Pick something small and easy like, say…finding the very last chocolate chip cookie.

How would each of the characters from your story or show react to that?

Think about it.

How would Dean (Supernatural) react to finding the last cookie?

What if it was back in the pre-Stanford days when his brother, Sam, was a little kid still and saw Dean find that last cookie and he wanted one too?

What about if Dean were alone in a de-poltergeisted house and there just happened to be a left over cookie all nice and safe in this clean little ghost-free kitchen?

What about Sam? Would the Sam from before Stanford vs post-Stanford react differently to seeing a fresh baked cookie sitting there, waiting, on a white plate?

(And so I got to playing.)

Feel free to play too. Answer the Supernatural question above or pick a character from a different show. It's fun.

1. Jack O'Neill (Stargate) - Exclaim, "Hey, who made the great cookies?" And just naturally eats the last one without thinking as he walks into the room. Running into his team's stares, he'd hold the cookie out, even with the big bite in it, and offer belatedly to share.

2. McKay (Atlantis) - Steal the cookie, then look guilty when he hears someone coming and cram the leftover into his mouth. Swallowing hard, he would point out that he had to eat the last cookie as he was reaching a dangerously low hypoglycemic state. In fact, to NOT eat the last cookie would have endangered his health, and therefore, the health and safety of the entire mission as no doubt he would be soon be needed to disarm, reconfigure, re-align, or intuit something someone has touched, set off, or otherwise sprung the booby trap on, and therefore, who was going to be able to save them then if his blood sugar was too far off kilter to fire neurons properly, hm?

3. Snape (Harry Potter) – "Who put this here?" Then confiscate the last homemade cookie from the plate, and drop it unceremoniously into some dark folded pocket in his robes, never to be seen again. "Chocolate will rot your minds." He'd announce grimly to the students who might have been eyeing it longingly.

(But then, for Snape, the real cookie question, I think, would begin. Would the cookie be destroyed? Or perhaps, forgotten? Only to be re-discovered later as he disdainfully pulled it from his pocket at some inopportune time? Or perhaps secretly coveted, longed for, almost eaten, and then dumped in the trash as a sign of weakness?)

4. Abby (NCIS) – She'd spot it, grab it greedily with both hands, hold it up to the light, all the while exclaiming over what wonderful chemical effects the sugar, caffeine, theobromines, anandamides, typtophans, phenylethylamine*, all have on the brain. Then pull out a pair of tweezers and begin to debate with the nearest person what sort of core sample would best be representational of the whole cookieness, one with more chocolate or less?

(* Yep, these are all real chemicals in chocolate. And how big a geek am I that I know this?)

5. River (Firefly) – She'd pick up an empty plate, one full of crumbs, believing the last cookie was still there and earnestly offer it up to share. Everyone would stare at the crumbs on the white empty plate in puzzlement since there's clearly nothing there.

6. Daniel Jackson (Stargate) – Would look up in honest surprise from his work, where he had been utterly absorbed, the entire time right next to the cookie plate. "There were cookies?"

7. Jayne (Firefly) – Would stare beligerently back at everyone who was looking longingly at the last cookie in his hand, and then take a huge bite out of it, chewing deliberately and slowly.

8. Gibbs (NCIS) – "Eat it or get over it. But we've got work to do!"

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