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20 July 2006 @ 01:02 am
What If? - How Quotes Can Inspire Writing  

"Sometimes you have to do things that you hate, so you can survive another day."

A quote will often catch me and make me play the "what if" game? This one caught my attention during a Battlestar Galactica promo just now and made me think...


What would Sam do that he hates, in order to insure that Dean survives?

What would Dean do?


Magnificent 7

Or how about Ezra for his team? Would he tell them what he's done? Probably not. What would they do when they found out?

Maybe it's not to survive. But to help.

What's something Vin would do that he hates to help Ezra?


Sentinel & Stargate Atlantis

Jim to help Blair?

Sheppard to help McKay?


It's fun, to play "what if".

In an odd way it's like asking to describe what you think is inside a character's pockets.

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