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10 July 2006 @ 01:41 am
A Strong Hero (2 of 2)  
Neither work deadlines, nor MP3 conversion dilemnas, nor lack of coffee shall prevent the muse from poking around the nooks and crannies of a story in the back of my mind!

To hint that a hero is strong...

(Set II)

1. Are you showing him fighting for what he wants? Showing him continuing forward, despite everything and overwhelming obstacles?

I think you could do this both physically and mentally in a character.

(Example - Stargate) - Mental

I think writing a story where we can see Daniel persist in his information when he knows it to be true, even when everyone else is telling him he is wrong, when no one believes him, when people threaten to turn their back on him. He persists without hope of support or reward.

(Example - Stargate) - Physical

Or a story where despite evidence that shows the mission is impossible, despite orders, despite three pyramid ships and a goa'uld army sitting in his way, showing how Jack O'Neill will not leave a friend behind. He doesn't ask for help. He may even believe it's hopeless. And yet he fights to get to that friend anyway.

2. Are you showing that he has no sense of his own greatness?

Not that he shouldn't feel competent or in-control. But the difference here is even if he's proud of his skill or egotistical in some areas, but he does things, almost without premeditation, that is heroic.

(Example-Stargate Atlantis)

Rodney McKay is well known for his ego, for exalting on his mental capacity to solve problems, to the point of being down right snotty about it to his fellow scientists and teammates, and yet imagine him complaining and being sarcastic about everything but still being surprised that you think he's worthy enough to be counted as a friend. Oh, sure you need his help, of course you do, Genius IQ after all, but you actually want him around when it's just time for poker with the gang...that surprises him. He has no sense of his worth in that way.
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