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Sherlock Fic Rec List on Delicious

Hey, I just realized that I never posted the link to the fic recommendation panels for Supernatural and Sherlock (BBC) at the MW con from last month. Despite my vow of to hunker down and organize, which has clearly experienced some sort of transdimensional set back despite arming myself with the Stickers of Awesome Organizational Power (the piles keep growing on my desk and I'm not causing it I swear) I clearly didn't post a note. Though I have a post-it note to do so. Fail!

So many neat ideas and discussions. And of course loads new fic I haven't tried before (which was sort of our secret mission in sharing our favs--sh, don't tell, we have them all fooled). The rules were the same as always rec hurt/comfort stories you love, no unhappy endings, no death fics.

This time around a free Delicious link list for all of them was created at [ MWCPanel HC Recs ] .

Much easier to code super fast style unlike previous years which took a wincing mumble-mumble-don't-do-the-math number of months to post for the [ Supernatural ] and [ Doctor Who and Torchwood ] ones.

PS Doctor Who's last aired ep in the US "A Good Man Goes to War". OMG! (But that is an arm flail of epic proportions for another posting.)

Tags: doctor who, fic, rec, sherlock, spn, torchwood
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