myfieldnotes (myfieldnotes) wrote,

Sherlock Team Assignment - The Game Is On

I may have been mumbling about how I need to get more motivated to get back to writing more in my different fandoms. I may have said this out loud. I was then persuaded by persistent texting over the past month (the irony of this does not escape me here) from a few known culprits to join the The Game Is On writing challenge LJ community. Now, I've not only been accepted. I've been assigned to a team. Team Sherlock. And...wait for it. In. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Oh, yes. That would be the panic setting in.

Yikes! I don't know what I'm doing. I don't even punctuate well in American let alone British! What was I thinking? This is only going to end in disaster and split infinitives. But at least my new teammates promise there will be pancakes.

And I do like pancakes.

Tags: sherlock, writing
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