June 2nd, 2011

SG1 Team as One

I AM Motivated!

Back from MW. Feeling motivated to change my life. To set timeline altering goals.

To clean out my closet. To organize that pile o' fic and post it on Delicious. To conquer and relabel the universe that is my iTunes mass of podfics. To say "no more" to the massive growing piles on my desk that are towers between me and fic reading. Yes, I shall post on my LJ. Yes, I shall get up early and do the zombie shuffle and (gasp) exercise. Yes, I shall actually write down the mass of fic in my head. Yes, my voice will be heard and I will freakin' learn to podcast. Yes, I shall actually HAVE A LIFE. One that does not involve only the words "university" and "work".

Quail before my awesome motivationalness and be afraid.

But first, I think I need stickers. Stickers to help me enact my plan.

Like these!
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