myfieldnotes (myfieldnotes) wrote,

The Whisper of a Thousand Post-it Notes - (Part 2) Stuff I Should Remember About Twitter

Twitter, it is evil!

[ Kate Hewlett ]

I really should remember that Kate Hewelett is awesome. I really should remember to read my post-it note to read her. What is not to love about a woman who twitters things like...

-Trying to decide between yoga and sloth.

-I think that Bikram Yoga was invented by the same person who invented the Guillotine!

-Enjoying a homemade candlelit dinner... for one. (And enjoying it! I LOVE dating me.)

-Dr. Joshi's Holistic Detox, Day 3: brown rice cereal, brown rice pasta, brown rice crackers, brown rice milk, brown rice anger.

-Negative 20 degrees Celsius? Why do human beings live here? It should just be polar bears and wookies.

[David Hewlett]

Do I have a post-it note on David Hewelett's Twitter? Do I like to read him? Hm... Put in the let's try him pile. He does have a certain techy je ne sais quoi.

-Bad sleep for Baz none for me! On the plus side I re-read the whole Nikon D90 manual! Who's your geek daddy!

Then again anyone who is as wary of Facebook as I am deserves to be kept, right?

-Trying to like Facebook. Plan to use it for family & close friends only, but it all seems like so much work! I'm a grumpy old twittersaurus! Wrestling with Facebook. [from the Awesome Hewletts LJ]

[ Misha Collins]

I really should remember that Misha Collins is cracked and ignore my 3 post-it notes of where I can find him. Stop tempting yourself to read further! Seriously, it will only end in confusion.

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