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Doctor Who and Torchwood Fic Rec Discussion - Media West

The idea for a fic rec panel came about two years ago when [ Wraithfodder ] did an awesome one for Stargate Atlantis. It was like a Fanfic Nato Summit with laptops and everything as people called out and culled from their favorite lists and others pulled up the url's as they went.

Well, a few of us did a 2.0 version last year, creating a [ Supernatural Fic Rec List for Media West 2008 ] panel. Which was a ton of fun.

So this year we expanded the different panels to include one for Doctor Who & Torchwood as well as Supernatural 2009.


A panel at the MW 2009 con that shared favorite hurt/comfort fic recs for Doctor Who & Torchwood fic. The rules were no death fic and no unhappy fic. The goal was to share our keepers and come out giving everyone a "To Go" bag of great fic recs to try out.

I think we had a pretty cool mixed panel on this one where we had one person who knew Classic and Modern Doctor Who like it was engraved on her genes [ Penfold ], one panelist who has fallen in love with all things Torchwood and is now dipping toes into Who [ Mr. Wubbles ], and one panelist who was new to both Torchwood and Doctor Who and yet was eager to read good fic (Me), plus a lively audience of people willing to shout out their favs.

In general, these stories are in no particular order and reflect the taste of the group at large rather than me specifically.

Summary information is frequently from my notes from what the fic rec person said rather than from the author's site. I'll put a (*) next to those stories I've personally read.

Each recommendation title is a link...

Feel free to comment on the stories if you've read them or if you have others to add.


Fic Hot Spots

Crack Van
Summary: I had never heard of this LJ Community, but apparently I am way pathetic and behind the times as everyone says this site is made of happy goodness. It's a site where they review and recommend a top ten list of fic for every fandom under the sun with more being added daily. Apparently the site gang of contributors understand that some days you just need some REALLY good fic with your coffee. It's sort of the big box store of fic recs. Which is pretty awesome and I intend to wallow in the list of fic chocately goodness ASAP.

A Teaspoon and an Open Mind*
Summary: This is a website dedicated to Doctor Who Fic, Torchwood Fic, and Sarah Jane Adventures Fic. It divides up all their bazillion fics by Doctor and has a great search engine. (*I've been to this website and their header page with the teacup and the sonic screwdriver is way nifty as well.)

Calufrax Community
Summary: These is an LJ community where the best of the fics from A Teaspoon and an Open Mind (see above) are recced. The tags along the right hand side let you click on stories by Doctor, Companion pairing, Author, etc. Recs are across fic genres and include Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures.


Recommended Stories and Authors

Summary: An author on [ Teaspoon ] and on [ ] who writes stories the Tenth Doctor and his adventures with Sarah Jane and Harry Sullivan. She was recommended as having very good hurt comfort.

Saving Horse Feathers by Weimlady
Summary: Sarah Jane, Harry and the Tenth Doctor go back to 1913 on a mission to save a beloved pop culture icon. Recommended as lots of just good old fun.

Vision by Darcie
Summary: When one sense fades, the others are said to sharpen. But will that be enough as the Tenth Doctor and Rose face a bad situation? Darcie on Teaspoon has long, well developed stories that are just wonderful.

Sense by Adalia Zandra*
Summary: One by one they left him, increasingly cut off, alone, in the silence and the dark, until only touch remained…touch, and pain. Tenth Doctor, Rose, and Jack Harkness. I've read this one too. Great angsty story with lots of excellent hurt/comfort.

Growing Pains by Adalia Zandra
Summary: After Voyage of the Damned, the Doctor visits Jack Harkness. But this Jack is very surprised to see this Tenth Doctor.

Loophole by Adalia Zandra
Summary: If the Tenth Doctor trusted Jack enough, there was a way to undermine the Master’s control. A loophole.

Sam the Storyteller*
Summary: A great cry of "So good it makes our eyes hurt!" Was shouted out by a bunch of people for anything written by Sam the Story Teller on Torchwood or on Doctor Who.(Note - some of his stuff can be a bit slashy, while some is more gen-ish. But it's all labeled nicely to read or not as you prefer.)

Rules of Torchwood Three (with Tardis House Rules) by Sam the Storyteller* Summary: Don't let the Original Character (OC) make you resist this one, it's an awesome outside look at our characters and their quirks and the events that happen to them.

Summary: Patrice (from Teaspoon) has written a number of Fifth Doctor novels, as well as, Tenth Doctor and Rose or Donna stories. She writes wonderfully crafted novel-length stories. Her themes tend to revolve around sacrifice and how the characters are willing to do anything for eachother. So good!

Special Plea - If anyone finds any more Fifth Doctor authors please send them along to [ Penfold ] as she is hankering for more like Patrice!

Scorns of Time by Patrice
Summary: Where Donna's memory starts to be triggered and the Doctor must help her before she loses her mind.

Susurration by Patrice
Summary: The Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough stumble into a planet's civil war, facing dangers from unexpected sources.

Permanent Placement by Lacylu42
Summary: A great brief fan fix it story. Memory is a very dangerous thing for Donna, and Ianto's called in to help her on the Doctor's orders.

Conversations with the Dead by SZM
Summary: Torchwood's Jack Harkness gets a vistor while on the Valiant. This story is short but has a great feeling of comfort!

Oncoming Storm by d8rkmessngr
Summary: The year of hell and what really happened to Jack, the Doctor, and to the Torchwood 3 team while on the Valiant and during the rebellion under the Masters reign. This story is long and plotty and has HUGE amounts of angst and comfort and hurt and comfort and did we mention the hurt/comfort.(Note - Please read the warnings on this story, there is slash content and very dark violent themes as the Master is not nice to anyone in this story. However it does end happily but you go through a lot to get there. This story is no longer a WIP and is now complete.)

Another World by BluCougar57
Summary: A rash of inexplicable murders leads to a clash of cultures when a secretive agency moves in on NYPD territory, and Bobby Goren finds he may well have met his match when confronting the mysterious Captain Jack Harkness. (Crossover Torchwood and Law Order Criminal Intent) BluCougar57 also has a sequel to this story on

Rebuilding a Life by Settiai
Summary: Near the end of the Time War, Fitz Kreiner finds himself stranded on Earth in an unfamiliar time and place. His life moves on, whether he wants it to or not. A great crossover with "NCIS." Has Anji Kapoor, Compassion, Donna Noble, Fitz Kreiner, Harriet Jones, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Other Character(s), Rose Tyler, Samantha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith, The Doctor (Tenth), The Doctor (Fourth), The Doctor (Eighth), The Doctor(Ninth), The Master, and the NCIS gang.

Smoking in Foxholes Can Be Dangerous to Your Health by Aces
Summary: “Why does the Doctor always have to land us in these sorts of situations anyway?”. A great story with the Seventh and Eighth Doctor and Ace McShane.

Almost Human by Aces
Summary: Fitz is, after all, only human. (Eighth Doctor, Anji Kapoor, and Fitz Kreiner).

Enough of Words by Maymargaret
Summary: What happens after we leave Harriet Jones in "The Stolen Earth". This is a great Harriet Jones fix it story.

Sic Semper Tyrannis by Meredith
Summary: Where was Harriet Jones, in the Year that Never Happened? "Trying to incite a rebellion, of course; it's the only sensible thing to do under the circumstances." (Harriet Jones, the Tenth Doctor, The Master).

Higher Education by Eponymous_rose
Summary: The spaces between, the things the Doctor can do that nobody ever questions - the easier lessons learned amid the adventures and the danger. Nice glimpses into the Doctor and what he goes through. (First Doctor, Third Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Seventh Doctor, Ace McShane, Adric, Barbara Wright, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Ian Chesterton, Liz Shaw, and Nyssa)

Ozymandias in Hell by Ponygirl
Summary: Written for the "Old Clichés Made New" fic challenge on Livejournal. Martha learns about a side of the Doctor she hasn't seen before. Well, make that nine sides, actually.
Very strong emotional fic, if you didn't like Martha in the show give her a chance here becuase she's a very layered and well written character in this one as she explores the many aspects of the Doctor.

Lost Luggage and Lost Souls by Nemo the Everbeing
Summary: Because listing bus stations as something you hate just begs writers to put you there. The Seventh Doctor and Ace join an odd cast of characters in time to get held hostage, and the Doctor remembers why he prefers saving worlds to smaller crises. Great story that gives a really interesting outsider POV on the Seventh Doctor and his relationship with Ace.

Parts by Primsong
Summary: It's a wonder the TARDIS was still holding together after all this time - of course, she'd had plenty of creative repairs. (Includes First Doctor through Seventh Doctor.) This is a great classic Doctor Who story writer. She just nails the show and its characters.Also strongly recommended was any other story by [ Settiai's ] although she does write both gen and slash and marks them accordingly.

How to Save the Universe, Without Leaving the Room by Moonmonkey
Summary: You're the last of the Time Lords. Your civilization has been blown out of existence, taking your mortal enemies with it. And now you think the universe might be unravelling. Or you are. Two people in a room, from "Rose" to "Journey's End". Nyssa and the Tenth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Eighth Doctor, and Fifth Doctor. Wonderfully angsty but touching.


Also got a couple of good extra Torchwood recs when I was chatting about MW's panel with [ Soulless Minion of Orthodoxy ] . She's one of d8rkmessngr's betas and makes Torchwood videos that get me utterly hooked on songs like "We are the Pretty People" (seriously perfect for Jack with his gleaming smile and swoopy trenchcoat) by Dexter Freebish.

Potentiality by bjewelled
Summary: A nice multi-part Ianto story that takes place after the cannibal episode where Jack gets Ianto to admit that he wants to do more at Torchwood and Jack realizes that Ianto has a lot of potential and could be someone he could trust. So Jack sends Ianto off to UNIT to receive weapons training and then of course there is a big nearly world ending crisis and so forth. But it is a great Ianto story with some nice Jack and Ianto moments as they try to work out Ianto's betrayal and the connections between them.

And a newly discovered author who has actually been writing fic for a while only we didn't know it is erin_giles at [ tearstolaughter ]. She writes a lot of nice friendship Torchwood fic, some great non-explicit Jack and Ianto and well, and has a heck of a lot of fic to explore.

Tomorrow Will Be Better by erin_giles
Summary: This post-Countrycide fic is especially full of nice Jack and Ianto interactions in the aftermath of the events of the episode. (Yep, you can always count on those post-cannibals-nearly-ate-us eps to deliver on the great hurt/comfort potential!)

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