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21 September 2008 @ 12:01 am
Fandom Interpretations of Articles of Inquiry  
The latest issue of my psych journal came in the mail and as always it seems to have article titles that appear to be fic/show related.

This month's issue is no exception since a whole bunch of the article titles made me think of a certain episode we saw last Thursday night.

Maybe I do have SPN's "Lazarus Rising" too much on the brain, but, seriously now, these were the actual titles!

1. When Hurt Will Not Heal: Exploring the Capacity to Relive Physical Pain - (Dean!!!)

2. A Wrinkle In Time: Asymmetric Valuation of Past and Future Events - (Dean wakes up and it's 4 months later?)

3. From Sucker to Saint: Moralization Decision Making in Response to Self-Threat - (Sam partners with Ruby?)

4. I Am Too Just Like You: Nonconscious Mimcry as an Automatic Behavioral Response - (Castiello?)

5. Religious Struggle, Death Concerns, and Depresion in those Facing Terminal Illness - (Gee, I don't know. ALL of last season?)

6. Lasting False Beliefs and Their Behavioral Consequences (Sam is partners with Ruby?)