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21 September 2008 @ 11:12 pm
"Lazarus Rising" - My Review "Emmy" Style  
Supernatural is BACK!

And I mean that in more ways than just the fact that Season 4 has now started with the airing of "Lazarus Rising".

Oh, yes. Our boys and our show are definitely back in town!

So in honor of Emmy night, I squee for the Supernatural premier "Lazarus Rising"…

1. Best Use of Product Placement Ever!"

I love, love, love the iPod installed on the Impala dashboard. I laughed and made tee-hee faces right along with Sammy at Dean's reaction. Plus, it echoed the pilot scene AND was playing Jason Mann emo music as Sam's music pick. Bonus points!

2. Best Use of Naked Chest Shot Since Sam Raised His Shirt Up and Sewed His Own Bullet Wound!

I don't know what they do to you in hell, but clearly it involves a LOT of working out! Huge bonus points for not making me feel embarrassed and for relating it to actual plot at the same time (i.e. outcome of Cujo 10-Dean 0 and nifty new hand shaped burn scar)!

3. Best Use of Heavy Breathing Ever!

Loved, loved, loved Sam's stuttered breathing to show how big an impact seeing his brother alive again. Emo. But with restraint of holding it in so hard that it's catching in your throat. (sigh). Love!

4. Best Manly Brother Hugging Ever!

Need I say more. They so didn't cop out on the reunion. And we got TWO of them with both Sam and Bobby. And the return of the necklace which Sam kept safe! (Sigh). Love.

5. Best Cult Show Reference Ever!

Wedge Antilles? Wedge Antilles! I love that. I could so see Sam relating to the one human character who never got the girl (Princess Leia), or the fancy car (the Millenium Falcon), but yet managed to survive through all three original Star Wars movies unremarked. And the fact that Dean KNOWS his kid brother so well (even if we are doing forshadowing with that statement). Bonus points!

6. Best Use of a Flirtatious Character Ever!

No, really. I honestly mean this one.

Dear CW: It's not that we hate women. Hello, we actually liked Jess, Sara, Eva, Mary, Madison, Nancy, Ellen, and Meg. It's that we hate badly written ones ("Red Sky at Morning" with the old woman, flirting and groping at Sam, *wince*, need I say more?)and don't serve to advance the plot point until eons into the season (*cough* Bella *cough*).

I utterly enjoyed Pamela Burns. I bought that she was actually old enough to be a friend of Bobby's. I bought that she was aggressive and flirtatious as a character trait because she was consistent in her dialogue with Bobby, Dean AND Sam! I loved that she came, she flirted, and then got taken utterly down, thus, contributing to the PLOT because what they're facing is crazy levels of cosmic powerful and we needed to feel that.

7. Best Use of Humor Ever! (Or at least this season so far!)

"Mr. Grumpy can join in too."

"You were not invited!"

I so laughing until I'm crying. Fun humor all throughout this ep, but not over the top embarrassing humor. Yes, embrace the laughter!

8. Best Substitute Father Moment Ever!

"You're the closest thing I have to a father". See. Proof. Yay!

Love that. I (heart) it all over the place that Bobby is officially a part of the family. That he cares about these boys. Enough so it looks like he's practically drinking himself in grief over the loss of Dean and his failing to help Sam.

9. Best Reassuring of Fans That a Major Character is NOT Still Dead Ever!

Kripke brings Dean back to life in the first nanosecond of the episode! I love Kripke!

They then proceed to spend the first FIVE minutes showing us how Dean is not evil or demonic and still Dean!

THEN he has Dean immediately try to find Sam and Bobby and reunite them before the 30 minute mark. Best reunion clock speed ever!

10. Best Showing Your Smarts Ever!

I love that all three of them are SMART again this season!

Sam tries to stab Dean! Bobby tries to kill him too. Twice! And then still throws Holy Water in Dean's face even after he's hugged him! They KNOW what sort of skin walkers and revenants and monsters and THINGS that can trick them and react accordingly even though they so clearly want/need/want/need/want Dean to be real!

Then, we have Dean confronting the waitress in the demon café. Yes! Smart on all cylinders again. I love it.


This episode just had so many things RIGHT with it. I love it. Better yet, I can't wait to see the next one. I don't feel anxious and worried and vaguely depressed like after last season's premier. Mag7 vs Lazarus Rising. Wow. It's like fake ice cream vs the real deal. Just a huge difference.

Wiggling with excitement. Can't wait to see where we're going.