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Pack These Authors In Case of Cylon Invasion

So I was thinking about the MW Delicious Fic List and then thinking about how I have a stack of Sherlock fics that needed to go on my Delicious Fic List as a part of my Great DeCluttering Mission. And then I sat down to work on it.

Except. As I did. I had to nudge a big stack of books off my chair. On top was my all time favorite comfort series (the Liaden series by Lee and Miller). Which led me to thinking about my current favorite books. The ones that have the most bestest ever good scenes in them that I snuggle down with and re-read all the time because they have such good hurt/comforty/bonding/found you/want you/you're on my team moments in them. Which led to me realizing I'd forgotten to put one on my all time favorite top pick books to read if I had to be squirrled away during a Cylon invasion on a lost Battlestar and could only take one handful authors with me. Quel horreur! That is wrong on just the wrongest of all wrong levels!

Needless to say. I've not entered a single Sherlock fic tonight (and I have some really good ones to put up that I snacked on and smacked my lips over from penfold_x, brate7, mrwubbles but [ Patricia Briggs ] is now up now partnered next to Lois McMaster Bujold, Ilona Andrews, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller all safe and sound now.

Whew! That was a close one. I mean. The Cylon invasion. It could happen and I wouldn't have had my author list ready.

That is not to say that I don't automatically include the Jane Austen's "Pride & Prejudice" and Frances Hodgson Burnett's "The Little Princess" in my Cylon invasion emergency kit. But those are classic loves of my childhood so get an automatic gimme.

PS Your turn, what authors are in your Cylon invasion kit?

Note-no fanfic authors, just book ones, because you know that's what the one terabyte external hard drive is for, right? I mean. Hello. In case of invasion, you're gonna save the fic first! ALL OF IT.

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Sherlock Fic Rec List on Delicious

Hey, I just realized that I never posted the link to the fic recommendation panels for Supernatural and Sherlock (BBC) at the MW con from last month. Despite my vow of to hunker down and organize, which has clearly experienced some sort of transdimensional set back despite arming myself with the Stickers of Awesome Organizational Power (the piles keep growing on my desk and I'm not causing it I swear) I clearly didn't post a note. Though I have a post-it note to do so. Fail!

So many neat ideas and discussions. And of course loads new fic I haven't tried before (which was sort of our secret mission in sharing our favs--sh, don't tell, we have them all fooled). The rules were the same as always rec hurt/comfort stories you love, no unhappy endings, no death fics.

This time around a free Delicious link list for all of them was created at [ MWCPanel HC Recs ] .

Much easier to code super fast style unlike previous years which took a wincing mumble-mumble-don't-do-the-math number of months to post for the [ Supernatural ] and [ Doctor Who and Torchwood ] ones.

PS Doctor Who's last aired ep in the US "A Good Man Goes to War". OMG! (But that is an arm flail of epic proportions for another posting.)

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I AM Motivated!

Back from MW. Feeling motivated to change my life. To set timeline altering goals.

To clean out my closet. To organize that pile o' fic and post it on Delicious. To conquer and relabel the universe that is my iTunes mass of podfics. To say "no more" to the massive growing piles on my desk that are towers between me and fic reading. Yes, I shall post on my LJ. Yes, I shall get up early and do the zombie shuffle and (gasp) exercise. Yes, I shall actually write down the mass of fic in my head. Yes, my voice will be heard and I will freakin' learn to podcast. Yes, I shall actually HAVE A LIFE. One that does not involve only the words "university" and "work".

Quail before my awesome motivationalness and be afraid.

But first, I think I need stickers. Stickers to help me enact my plan.

Like these!
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Just caught the new [ Read Forever ] video that is Barnes and Nobles new advert for the Nook.

I don't care that I don't have a Nook, nor really want to buy one, I just love the images they used and want to hug this video. Readers just love to read. Yeah, me too.

PS Course, I had to go capture it and make a bunch of icons for it too.
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Sherlock Team Assignment - The Game Is On

I may have been mumbling about how I need to get more motivated to get back to writing more in my different fandoms. I may have said this out loud. I was then persuaded by persistent texting over the past month (the irony of this does not escape me here) from a few known culprits to join the The Game Is On writing challenge LJ community. Now, I've not only been accepted. I've been assigned to a team. Team Sherlock. And...wait for it. In. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Oh, yes. That would be the panic setting in.

Yikes! I don't know what I'm doing. I don't even punctuate well in American let alone British! What was I thinking? This is only going to end in disaster and split infinitives. But at least my new teammates promise there will be pancakes.

And I do like pancakes.

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Write the story you're trying to find to read

Been reading a book [ Who the Hell is Pansy O'Hara? by Jenny Bond and Chris Sheedy ] off and on while waiting for lines and things this week.

(It's a little book, I sort of wish all books were this size because I just like the feel of it in my hands, and it fits right into my messenger bag.)

Anyway, it's full of mini-vignette's on how famous writers were inspired by various things or how they struggled to get these now famous works published. Some of it is stuff I knew, but some like on Tolkein being bitten by a giant tarantual as a toddler I didn't, which is kind of cool.

Am about half way through now and there was a recurring idea somewhere between Tolkein, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Margaret Mitchell's vignettes that I read yesterday about writing the story you want to read that has really stuck with me.

I hear all the time "write what you know", but this idea works better somehow. Write the story you keep looking for.

That's the story you should write, the one that you kept looking through Delicious recs or around Amazon for.

[For example - if you keep hoping for a friendship team building scene, or a first time scene, or a moment where the other character realizes they've seriously misjudged the hero, then that's the scene you should be building into your own story. Why are you writing about other stuff? Just because it seems more logical or whatever?]

Write the moment you would want to read in someone else's story.

[Side note - Think what helped this idea gel was I just read a ST 2009 story and all the way through I kept wanting them to reveal a secret from Jim's background that they kept referencing but never actually told and sort of left the friendship between him and McCoy just not cemented. The story never got to there it went somewhere else. Then again it could have been the traumatization of reading Prides Mate a really, REALLY bad book that I was hoping wanted to be like a type of Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson book but no it was definitely not. So bad!]


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Just read a great little article this morning in the LA Times and it sums up Vancouver for me and why I think it and its surrounding area is such a great place to visit (and not just because of all the fun location shooting). It really is just like this each time I go. And it's funny, but I'm really glad that other people from the U.S. are getting to experience that too. It makes me feel all happy and smiley for them. Good job, Canada!

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The Whisper of a Thousand Post-it Notes

Today I have declared it emancipation of the post-it note day!

I'm finally digging through the many piles on my desk. 140 yellow ones, 5 green, and 12 blue ones later, I'm still only half way through.

Why? Because the post-it notes have friends! Yes, tons of larger sized friends stacked protectively around the wee ones.

But I am vigilant. I will not let the masses daunt me. I will conquer them!